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Lots of inactivity on this page like, what the mother fak?
anyway--- I'm updating WAAAAAY more on mah tumblr qccount. So yeah, check that shit out
( I'm soo totally NOT advertising but like---- have the freaking link anyway?
TOTALLY. NOT. WHORING. IT. or am I?? (# O #)??? )

More updates there. Sorry no updates on this page tho ;_;
Much sorry.

Uhm.....Also, my school just had it's back to school party. It was entitled 'The gamer's fair' So our batch did a Lili and Bob from tekken ( we got second place for a one day rehearsal #worth ) BUT STILL--- The point is our senpai's did a SERAH AND NOEL.... MY KOKORO'S HURT. MUCH FRAGILE SUCH WHY VERY </3. HNNNGG PLES NO. STAHP. PLES. DAT ENDING SCENE IN FFXIII-II

anyway, what's up guys? ;W;
( P.S - A few more weeks 'till your birthday you little shit. Have a good one. //shame// #ishouldn'tbutthenagain #whutchugon'doboutit #HA )
  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: IB OST's
  • Reading: Meh
  • Watching: ....SpongeBob
  • Playing: LoL
  • Eating: meh
  • Drinking: Coke


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Beep Boop Beep Boop
be pop pop bo beep zlip krak pop
pop be be be be beep
You're fucked.

-Carlotte Tsoko-late-late.
-Here we go! choco choco (clap clap )
-Choco choco ( fak fak )
-Choco choco ( lag lag )
- Everybody gimme yo chocolaaaate c'mon.

- LoL, I like seeing homosexual personified countries on my dash. ahahahaha....haaa.
I also like reading stories on how 4 kids launch a game, it all goes wrong and they see weird 'alien' trolls. BUCKETS.

Anime is life. Ostu is life. Harem is life. Tsundere who try to be tough are life. Yaoi is life.
Tumblr is life. The walking dead is life. Watching the daily lives of 3 high school boys is life. Having a 'gease' is life. having food is life. Having coffee is life.

-Learning Mandarin is not life. Having homework is not life. Having no health potion is not life. having not wifi is not life
having team mates yell ''MEEEDIC'' is not life. Having to pay for anime merchendise is not life. Not having life is not life.

-Tim Burton's a cinematic genius.

''Ano banman yan Seber last heater ka lang eh vovo''
'' hahaha anyare tol? GG na to ''
'' kn0ck kn0ck
who's there?
vovo who?
v0v0 YOOOUUU. ( solja boy starts playing )

''Omg, There's no I in team!
Ye. but there's a U in stupid ''

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